Wild Life Chapter 159

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Time really flies, huh? Sorry for the wait! I’ll aim to have chapters released a bit more frequently in the near future. Got a bit too preoccupied with my other translation projects.

As always, thanks to Sosul of White Cloud Pavilion for the great typesetting work!

Hope you enjoy the chapter!

Wild Life Chapter 158

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Not quite dead yet! Still trucking on~

This chapter marks the beginning of a whole new arc! Part of which, incidentally, contains a part of the story that I really enjoyed so please look forward to that——though I honestly am not sure when I’ll be able to get around to translating that ^^; RL has been busy, but as always, I shall continue this translation until either someone else picks it up, or I reach the end. So until then, please hold on everyone!

Once again, thanks to SoSul for helping with the cleaning/typesetting!

I hope you enjoy this next chapter of Wild Life!!

Wild Life Chapter 157

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Hmm~ there’s no particular occasion to celebrate this time around except……I felt like translating!

……somehow my work ethic has become as bad as Ryouto’s…is it infectious? I hope not.

Anyhow~ thanks to SoSul again for staying on-board and helping out with the cleaning/typesetting despite the long gap between releases >.<!! For everyone still reading, thanks for staying with us and I hope you enjoy this next chapter, the conclusion of the “Ryouto finally does some work”-arc!!

Wild Life Chapter 156

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Dan dan daaaan~!! Another release!

You may notice from the very first page, but from this chapter on, I will officially be working with SoSul from White Cloud Pavilion to bring you even better quality scanlations of Wild Life!!!

Quoted (and dramatized) from SoSul: “I really liked the manga, but oh, the editing!! My eyes were about to fall out!!”

I shall leave it to your imaginations regarding whether or not SoSul actually said that though ;P

Well, regardless, I’d like everyone to please welcome SoSul on board!! *clap clap clap*

Also…I’ve never really addressed it, but to previous commenters who have offered their help in the past, thanks. At the time, I wasn’t really actively translating, so I didn’t think it was right to bring you on board when there wasn’t any work to do…but I’d like to apologize for not properly getting in touch with you all and telling you that. *bows* Thank you very much!!

And on that note, I hope everyone enjoys the chapter!!

Wild Life Chapter 155

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Somehow, I think I’m getting back into the swing of translating again~ yay!! Here’s the conclusion of the Kudu arc! Did anyone manage to guess why the Kudu were dying?

Hope you enjoy the chapter!!

It was rather interesting seeing the responses to my question. Everyone’s surprisingly tolerant of Ryouto~

On that note, I’ll go ahead and ask something else, fufufu~ Who do you guys think Tesshou will end up with, if anyone? 😀 Ryouto is also an option, btw. Tesshou’s bad end: the Ryouto end.

Wild Life Chapter 154

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*sneaks in and puts the chapter down*

Here’s to productive procrastination, yay!!! *pops a bottle of champagne*

Jokes aside, here’s the next chapter~ Hope you enjoy it!

Just a small bit of curiosity on my part, but what do you guys think Ryouto actually does in Meiou? Cause it certainly seems like he’s doing everything to avoid working. It makes me forget the days when he used to actually treat animals…how nostalgic.

Wild Life Chapter 153

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Haa, it’s really been a while. It’s almost 4 months late, but Happy New Year everyone! Here’s the annual chapter of Wild Life!!

Iya, that’s a joke. It’s not supposed to be annual releases, but well…life gets busy. ^^; My apologies to everyone for the lack of releases. I saw the recent comment from Akii-chan and remembered I had a chapter that was waiting to be typesetted, so I decided to make a quick release. I’ll try to increase the number of releases, but for the time being, I have a lot of upcoming exams, so I can’t make any promises… :/

Well, I mostly wanted to say that this project isn’t fully dead yet! Though, as always, if there’s someone out there willing to pick it up then I can share the RAWs with them. Until then, I just slowly, but steadily, try to translate it. There’s less than 100 chapters left! Woohoo!! Ganbaru zo!!!

As always, I hope you enjoy the chapter, and thanks to everyone who has continued to follow Wild Life (and this blog) up until now!

Wild Life Chapter 152

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I really, sincerely must apologize to everyone who has been eagerly anticipating the next chapter. Life’s been rather busy, so I haven’t had much time to work on Wild Life.  With that said, I’m sure some of you have been following some of the other projects I’ve been working on. Not that anyone’s really asked for an explanation, but I figured I should explain why I tend to spend more time TLing web novels instead of working on this project when I’m free.


Well, the main reason would be that it’s simply easier. With manga (especially Wild Life), there tends to be some words that are just really hard to decipher, either due to the quality of the scans, or the sheer tininess of the font. In web novels, you don’t get those kinds of issues. Not only that, but because you can easily highlight any text that is a little difficult to phrase/understand, it’s simple to insert select words into an electronic translator if needed. For manga, I need to manually type it out. Additionally, there’re other jobs like typesetting, cleaning, and redrawing that have to be done.

However, that being said, I don’t intend on dropping Wild Life unless some other person picks it up. I will slowly, but surely, be working on it until then, or until I reach the conclusion of this manga. If I ever do drop it, for whatever reason, I’ll make a proper post here to notify everyone.

Now that I think of it, it’s already been 2 years since I started this project, huh….time sure flies. On that note, please enjoy this brand new chapter of Wild Life!!

Wild Life Chapters 149, 150, 151

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Ho ho ho! It’s that time of year again! Meowy Christmas, everyone! I’m alive! So is this project! I’ve just been very, very, very busy with RL! And so, now that I had some time, I prepared a special Christmas treat for everyone! A triple release! Woo hoo!

These 3 chapters consist of a full arc, containing plenty of Christmas cheer~ ….well, not really. But still enjoyable nonetheless. It has a rather….interesting end to it, so enjoy~

Wild Life Chapters 147+148

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Now, then. It’s been a while, but without further ado, let’s get this party started!!!

I’M BACK!!!! *waves excitedly*

I’ve had my fun with translating the KnW web novel, and now it’s time to get back to Wild Life! Speaking of life, mine’s still busy, but I managed to free up some time today to finally finish typesetting Chapter 147. While I was at it, I decided to do Chapter 148 to celebrate my return~

I can’t promise regular releases again, so I’ll be releasing whenever, really. Sorry for leaving you guys off with that deadly cliffhanger though….I realize how baffling it must’ve been for the past……6 months?! Damn. Time flies by so quickly……

Anyhow, here’s the ending to the “Sumiko-chan eats some pretty weird stuff”-arc! Next chapter….kukuku…a very nostalgic character reappears, so look forward to it! Alright then, please enjoy the chapters~nya!