Wild Life Chapter 152

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I really, sincerely must apologize to everyone who has been eagerly anticipating the next chapter. Life’s been rather busy, so I haven’t had much time to work on Wild Life.  With that said, I’m sure some of you have been following some of the other projects I’ve been working on. Not that anyone’s really asked for an explanation, but I figured I should explain why I tend to spend more time TLing web novels instead of working on this project when I’m free.


Well, the main reason would be that it’s simply easier. With manga (especially Wild Life), there tends to be some words that are just really hard to decipher, either due to the quality of the scans, or the sheer tininess of the font. In web novels, you don’t get those kinds of issues. Not only that, but because you can easily highlight any text that is a little difficult to phrase/understand, it’s simple to insert select words into an electronic translator if needed. For manga, I need to manually type it out. Additionally, there’re other jobs like typesetting, cleaning, and redrawing that have to be done.

However, that being said, I don’t intend on dropping Wild Life unless some other person picks it up. I will slowly, but surely, be working on it until then, or until I reach the conclusion of this manga. If I ever do drop it, for whatever reason, I’ll make a proper post here to notify everyone.

Now that I think of it, it’s already been 2 years since I started this project, huh….time sure flies. On that note, please enjoy this brand new chapter of Wild Life!!

Wild Life Chapters 149, 150, 151

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Ho ho ho! It’s that time of year again! Meowy Christmas, everyone! I’m alive! So is this project! I’ve just been very, very, very busy with RL! And so, now that I had some time, I prepared a special Christmas treat for everyone! A triple release! Woo hoo!

These 3 chapters consist of a full arc, containing plenty of Christmas cheer~ ….well, not really. But still enjoyable nonetheless. It has a rather….interesting end to it, so enjoy~

Wild Life Chapters 147+148

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Now, then. It’s been a while, but without further ado, let’s get this party started!!!

I’M BACK!!!! *waves excitedly*

I’ve had my fun with translating the KnW web novel, and now it’s time to get back to Wild Life! Speaking of life, mine’s still busy, but I managed to free up some time today to finally finish typesetting Chapter 147. While I was at it, I decided to do Chapter 148 to celebrate my return~

I can’t promise regular releases again, so I’ll be releasing whenever, really. Sorry for leaving you guys off with that deadly cliffhanger though….I realize how baffling it must’ve been for the past……6 months?! Damn. Time flies by so quickly……

Anyhow, here’s the ending to the “Sumiko-chan eats some pretty weird stuff”-arc! Next chapter….kukuku…a very nostalgic character reappears, so look forward to it! Alright then, please enjoy the chapters~nya!

Wild Life Chapter 146

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Yay for procrastination! I’ve already missed it, but I hope nobody got too badly pranked on April Fools day. I really wanted to come up with something, but alas, I’m not that creative.

This chapter starts off a new arc, and introduces a new character! Though I’m pretty sure the new character is just exclusive for this particular arc, but who cares! There’s not really much to say for this chapter, except that last page lol. When I first saw it I got a bit freaked out. You’ll see it when you read it.

Kinda tired right now, so just go ahead and enjoy the chapter and look forward to the next one!!

Wild Life Chapter 145

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Well, I’m procrastinating a bit right now, so here’s the next chapter as promised! This chapter concludes the “whatever-happened-to-Mizuki”-arc!

Anyone else get the feeling that Waga most definitely has a thing for Mizuki from these couple chapters? Perhaps Tesshou’s harem count will decrease in the near future! Nawww….but speaking of Tesshou’s harem, a certain someone will be making a reappearance in a few chapters! I’ll bet you already forgot about her, since it’s been so long since she last appeared….wahahaha.

Just another side note, but in case you haven’t already noticed, the mangaka for Wild Life really seems to like putting flashback scenes in the background. Up until now, I’ve done my best to go back to those scenes and properly reproduce the dialogue (unless it was one of those massive spreads with countless flashbacks that I just gave up on even trying to do). But, considering the amount of time it takes, and the actual readability of the dialogue, I’ve decided that unless it’s one of the recent scenes (like from within 2 chapters of the chapter), or if it’s a chapter I remember, I’m either going to leave it, or put random crap in it to make it look like there’s actual words in it. I’ll try to only do the later if the font is just so tiny, you couldn’t read it if you tried though. Ahahaha. I doubt many people actually read the dialogue for flashback backgrounds anyhow, so it should be okay…right?

All that aside, hope you enjoyed the chapter, and look forward to the next one!!

Wild Life Chapter 144

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It’s been another month, and I’m still around! Life goes on and another chapter of Wild Life comes again!….or something like that.

This time’s chapter ends off with a bit of a cliffhanger, so I’ll try to get the next one up sooner rather than later.

As a side note, I didn’t really explain what “hard play” meant in the chapter, because I assumed that people would have a good idea as to what it meant…considering the character who talks about it…lol. But yeah, for all the young and innocent readers out there, “hard play” refers to……well…actually, I’m not sure I want to explain it anymore…

In short, it just refers to “hard plays in bed”. Probably. You get the idea. It’s not really an English slang, but I couldn’t really think of a good equivalent in English. If anyone has a good suggestion for it, I’m all ears!

Awkward explanations aside, I hope you enjoy the chapter and look forward to the next one!!

Wild Life Chapter 143

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Happy Lunar New Year!! Hope everyone’s been having a good one, if you celebrate it! This chapter is my red pocket to you~

Time to welcome the Year of the Ram!

(shamelessly taken from Google images)

Not much to say, except, how many people noticed the hidden hint in this mini-arc? Well, considering how I translate names, it might’ve been a bit more difficult~ Although I doubt that many people would’ve even known the name of the bacteria to begin with.

All that being said, hope you enjoyed the chapter, and look forward to the next one!! (though it might come a little later, ’cause I’ll be busy with midterms for the next week or so – just a heads up)